In a world where convenience and quality are paramount, Northern Raised has emerged as a pioneer in the realm of meat and seafood delivery. With a commitment to simplicity, flexibility, and ethical sourcing, Northern Raised has revolutionized the way people access and enjoy high-quality meats and seafood. In this article, we will explore how Northern Raised offers simple and flexible meat delivery boxes tailored to individual preferences and lifestyles, all while supporting local farmers and promoting sustainability.

Your Meat, Your Way

Northern Raised understands that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to meat preferences. That’s why they offer meat delivery boxes that you can customize to fit your needs, preferences, and lifestyle. There are no limitations here – you have the freedom to build your box with all your favorite meats and seafood. Whether you’re a steak enthusiast, a seafood lover, or a fan of poultry, you can create a box that suits your taste perfectly.

The Delivery Process in Three Simple Steps

  1. You Build Your Box: Select from a wide range of options and build your box exactly the way you want it.
  2. We Pack & Deliver Your Box: Northern Raised takes care of packing your selections in temperature-controlled packaging and delivers your order safely, ensuring a contact-free experience.
  3. Unbox, Eat & Repeat: Once your box arrives, all that’s left to do is unbox, cook up a delicious meal, and repeat the process as needed. It’s a hassle-free way to enjoy premium meats and seafood at your convenience.

The Benefits of Switching to Northern Raised

  1. Unmatched Taste: Northern Raised sources its products from top-tier Ontario farms, subjecting every item to rigorous quality, taste, texture, and ethical standards. This ensures that you enjoy the best-tasting, highest-quality meat and seafood.
  2. Exciting Variety: With over 116 selections and a constant stream of exciting, high-quality offerings, your dinner options will never be dull again. Northern Raised keeps mealtime exciting and adventurous.
  3. Fair Prices for Farmers: Northern Raised operates on the principle of fairness. They provide equal opportunity for customers and farmers to buy and sell at fair market value, eliminating price-gouging and haggling.
  4. Zero Food Waste: Their systematic sourcing process ensures that they obtain your selections from farms only after your order is placed, reducing over-ordering and minimizing food waste.
  5. Food Transparency: Northern Raised guarantees transparency in their products. You can trust that all their offerings are free from antibiotics, hormones, preservatives, GMOs, or fillers.
  6. Lower Environmental Impact: By delivering once per week and sourcing from local, nearby farms, Northern Raised significantly reduces the environmental impact of food distribution, promoting sustainability.

The Key Benefits for Consumers

  1. Better Quality Meat: Enjoy healthier, more nutritious, and better-tasting meats, with the peace of mind that there are no preservatives, nitrates, or fillers.
  2. Support for Local Farms: Every dollar spent with Northern Raised supports local Ontario farmers who work tirelessly to provide high-quality, natural, and delicious meat.
  3. Time Savings: Their user-friendly, time-saving, and flexible ordering system allows you to spend more time with loved ones and doing the things you love most.
  4. Flexibility: Tired of being locked into pre-fixed plans? With Northern Raised, you have complete flexibility – skip an order or change selections as needed, with no commitments.

Creating a Closer Connection to Your Food Source

Northern Raised doesn’t just deliver meat; they aim to create a closer connection between you and your food source. They empower Ontarians to be conscious about the quality, origin, and impact of their food choices. In a world where modern food supply chains can feel disconnected and broken, Northern Raised is on a mission to bring transparency and integrity back to the forefront.


Northern Raised has redefined the meat and seafood delivery experience, making it simpler, more flexible, and ethically sound. By offering customizable meat delivery boxes and supporting local farmers, they have become a trusted source of high-quality, natural, and delicious meat. Their commitment to transparency and sustainability sets them apart in a world where food choices matter more than ever. Northern Raised is not just delivering meat; they are delivering a vision for a more connected, conscious, and sustainable future.

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