McDonald’s has a lot to provide, and something that usually intrigues persons are the specials that they occur up with! So, enable us just take a thorough look at a person of all those attractive specials from Mcdonald’s, which is the $ 5 offer of the working day!

McDonald’s $ 5 deal of the day consists of a food that you can obtain for $ 5, each and every one day of the 7 days. The greatest section about this offer is that the burger options were being distinctive every single solitary day, which also made this deal popular! 

We all have been to this quick foods restaurant and just one reality that all of us can agree on is that McDonald’s menu selling prices are incredibly very affordable. But, there is also some thing about discounts that tends to make the full working experience so significantly far more exciting! So, without having even more ado, let’s see far more specifics about this offer!

What Is McDonald’s $ 5 Meal Of The Day? 

McDonald's Menu with prices

Really a whole lot of sites are likely to have foods of the working day. These deals have a tendency to be a substantial hit with college students particularly given that you get a lot for your income. So what particularly goes about in this offer? Let us have a look. 

The $ 5 meal of the working day deals from McDonald’s is composed of a new menu merchandise for each and every day of the week. This entire meal, along with the burger would also consist of a part of significant French fries and beverages. 

Here is a record of what the particular burger was, for each individual day of the 7 days, for this offer. 

  • Monday – Large Mac
  • Tuesday – Quarter Pounder With Cheese
  • Wednesday – Buttermilk Crispy Rooster
  • Thursday – Artisan Grilled Rooster
  • Friday – Filet-O-Fish
  • Saturday – 2 Cheeseburgers
  • Sunday – 10 pcs Hen McNuggets

Is McDonald’s $5 Food of The Day Continue to Heading On?

Initially, the chain initially released this deal to improve its sales. It was a huge good results when it was released, way again. But, many matters have been discontinued from the McDonald’s menu, which also applies to discounts and provides. So, similar is the scenario with the $ 5 offer of the working day. 

The McDonald’s $ 5 food of the day deal does not exist any more. This deal was released on the menu for a limited time. The last time this deal was a component of the McDonald’s menu was in December 2019, right until March 2020, right just before Covid hit us. 

Can You Save Revenue Using This $5 Food of the Day Offer?

There have been incredibly combined reactions on whether or not this food was well worth it or not, in monetary phrases. Of class, most discounts are launched at rapid-food stuff restaurant chains for the simple purpose that they may enable clients help you save some income. 

There have been many hacks to take pleasure in McDonald’s foods for a cheaper selling price as very well. So, just like that, this meal was indeed a huge good results with students typically, and also people today who preferred to get pleasure from a healthful meal but on a funds. So, certainly, you could preserve money with this deal. 

Nevertheless, some persons also did consider that it was not the finest deal ever. As you can see, every single day presents a thing diverse. So, some persons did think that it in fact depended on what the food of the working day was. 

Centered on that, they would imagine that it would enable them save dollars or not. Effectively, if the offer at any time can make a comeback, I feel we all really should try it out and see for ourselves too! 

 How To Look at The Latest Bargains At McDonald’s?

Though the $ 5 food of the working day offer does not exist at McDonald’s any more, we can all even now hope for a comeback shortly! Right up until then, there are numerous discounts that you can continue to delight in at McDonald’s, which are all genuinely truly worth each and every penny! 

The best way to check the most current bargains at McDonald’s is by using their formal app or web page. Pretty frequently, even some shipping platforms like UberEats and GrubHub post these discounts on their platforms. If you want to know additional about these offers, we have also lined a complete blog on McDonald’s 2023 deals that you can have a glance at! 


The $ 5 food of the day from McDonald’s features a total significant food for just $ 5. Moreover, they also made available a new burger on this offer, every single solitary day. On the other hand, unfortunately, unlike quite a few other specials from this fast-food items restaurant chain, the $ 5 meal of the working day deal does not exist anymore. 

But, it is definitely not all bad! McDonald’s however has a large amount of remarkable offers to offer you, like $ 6 meal, 4 for $ 4 promotions, and also 2 for $ 5 bargains, which are all fully truly worth it and also worth acquiring a glimpse at! 

Frequently Requested Concerns (FAQs)

What is McDonald’s $ 5 food of the working day offer?

The McDonald’s $ 5 meal of the working day offer available a total significant meal for just $ 5. 

Did this meal present the exact burger selection every one working day? 

No, the burger options with this deal ended up distinct each solitary day. 

Does this offer nevertheless exist? 

No, unfortunately this deal was discontinued back again in 2020. 

Is this offer making a comeback? 

There have been no this kind of official bulletins built by McDonald’s about the same, however. 

Was this deal really worth it?

Even though some individuals experienced combined inner thoughts about this offer, most folks, in particular college students did think that it was worthy of the value!