The world is running fast and so does everyone. People nowadays do not have much time to make their own food at home or have healthy meals during their day or night. They generally go for readymade fast food items that are easily available online or nearby store.

The dependency towards the fast food come with lots of disadvantages, they are not at all healthy, they reduce your nutrients requirements in food, they are made with low quality ingredients and mostly they are fried.

If you see, out of 10 people, 8 of them prefer buying fast food from the nearby store while they are entering workplace or college. At night, they are feeling tired and thus buying readymade food, heating them and consuming. This whole process is hampering the health of an individual leading them towards illness and drastic change in their metabolism.

What Should Be Done?

Have you heard about the readymade healthy meals prepared and delivered options that are available nearby? If no, you need to start searching now. Several brands are nowadays offering delicious real food packed and delivered, you just need to heat it and consume. All the ingredients are fresh, picked by you as per your dietary requirements and filled up with flavours.

They are ready-made quality ingredients matched with high-end organic superstores. They are suitable for authentic cooking. Your instant need to consume healthy food is served with an extensive broad menu, mixing everything from different tender meat to fruits and veggies topped up with different herbs, spices and seasoning.

How the Process Works

The process to order and get the freshly cooked food starts with simply picking up the meals as per your dietary needs, customizing the dietary plan as per the options available, then heat and eat.

1. Picking Your Meals

Choose the delicious weekly meal plan in few minutes. You can choose 1-3 meals a day or even go for the selected individual meals. If you are having any particular dietary needs, you can get the right solution for this as well. Just you need to put up your preferences when applicable. You can choose from the weekly meal plan or you can go for A La Carte.

2. Customize the Meal Options

Now, you can simply modify the meals. Choose what you want to and when you want. You can also include the restrictions or food you will like to buy in bulk amount. You can choose from the number of meals and days. You can choose the allergies or certain ingredients that you need to remove, you can add additional meals, you can order in bulk or sides to meet your dietary needs.

3. Heat and Consume

The meals that you order and send fresh, arrive fresh and never frozen. They are ready to consume after heating in oven, stove or micro oven. You just need to heat and then eat. No such cooking is required and also clean-up is not needed.

  • the meals arrive fresh at doorstep and ready to eat
  • heat the meals in microwave or oven before consumption
  • refrigerate the meals within 24 hours of delivery
  • meals can be kept in freezer for 10 days or more

Why Fast Food Is Bad For Health?

There are so many reasons why most of the doctors do not recommend consuming fast food. it seems like very tasty and the fast food will attract you all the time as it saves time on cooking, but it comes with lots of health issues that are fatal.

  • High Risk Of Health Disease

The bad fats in fast food increase triglycerides and LDL cholesterol in the blood leading to fat build up in the arteries. This can further cause heart disease.

  • Reduce Brain Function

Research shows that fast food causes decrease in ability to memorize and learning new skills. The bad fat in junk food like trans-fat replace the good fat in brain and interfere in signalling.

  • Type 2 Diabetes

By eating junk food, you can create spike in blood sugar due to processed nature of junk ingredients. This will adversely affect the body’s ability to make use of insulin.

Hence, for a healthy lifestyle, either cook food with fresh ingredients or get fresh meals delivered at home with nutrients that are healthy. Ditch fast food now and lead a healthy life.

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