Orlando, a city bursting with energy and excitement, offers a plethora of dining options to kick-start your day. From classic American breakfasts to exotic international cuisine, there’s something to suit every palate. If you’re on the hunt for the most delightful breakfast spots in the city, you’re in the right place. Here’s a roundup of the best breakfast restaurants in Orlando.

1. Mecatos Bakery and Cafe

¬†Securing the top spot on our list is Mecatos Bakery and Cafe, located at 12400 Lake Underhill Rd unit 103 Orlando FL, 32828. This Colombian-inspired gem stands out as a breakfast haven, offering a unique and mouth-watering selection of breakfast items that are sure to leave you coming back for more. From savory Empanada De Pollo and Empanada De Carne to the delectable Stuffed Arepas, Mecatos brings the authentic flavors of Colombia right to your plate. For those with a penchant for unique breakfasts, the Mayorca Bread Sandwiches, Arepa De Choclo Con Queso, and Stuffed Croissants are must-try options. Don’t forget to try their famous Mecatos Special Hotdogs and Morcilla for a hearty start to your day. And what’s breakfast without coffee? Mecatos has got you covered with its wide range of coffee options, ensuring you start your day on the right note. Mecatos is the perfect spot for anyone looking for a delightful Bakery near Waterford Lakes. Mecatos is not just another coffee shop; it’s a delightful breakfast, bakery, and dessert experience like no other. And with additional locations in Downtown, Lake Nona, Lake Underhill, Metrowest, and Ocoee, Mecatos Bakery and Cafe has made its mark as a breakfast hotspot in Orlando. So if you are looking for Breakfast near Ocoee, Downtown, Lake Nona, Lake Underhill, or Metrowest, Mecatos should be one of the top picks.

2.The Briarpatch Restaurant

 Located in the heart of Winter Park, The Briarpatch Restaurant has been serving up gourmet breakfast dishes for decades. Their extensive menu features everything from fluffy pancakes and waffles to savory omelets and benedicts.

3.Se7en Bites

 This small, charming eatery in the Milk District is renowned for its Southern-style breakfast and brunch offerings. Don’t miss their signature biscuits and gravy or the indulgent bacon, egg, and cheese sandwiches.

4. Artisan’s Table

 Situated in downtown Orlando, Artisan‚Äôs Table is known for its creative and diverse breakfast menu. With options ranging from sweet to savory, there’s something to satisfy every craving.

5. Bites & Bubbles

 This Mills 50 District gem offers a unique brunch experience with a focus on American cuisine with a French twist. Their menu features an array of egg dishes, sandwiches, and decadent pastries.

6. The Glass Knife

 A cafe and patisserie in Winter Park, The Glass Knife serves up artisanal pastries, cakes, and breakfast items in a chic and inviting setting. Don’t miss their signature donuts and quiches.

Orlando‚Äôs breakfast scene is as diverse and vibrant as the city itself. Whether you’re in the mood for a hearty Colombian feast at Mecatos Bakery and Cafe or a classic American breakfast at one of the other fantastic establishments, Orlando has something to satisfy every breakfast craving. Start your day off right with a visit to one of these top breakfast spots in the city.


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