7 Seas Fish Market has discovered an odd lot of frozen export grade spot prawns to Japan and China. They want to go on the discounts to you for Valentine’s Day. You can pre-get now to get your fingers on this deal. Half pound baggage of Place Prawns for $30.

 You have to have to choose up on Feb 13 or 14th (specify pick up day when positioning on-line buy).

Promo code

If you use our code ‘foodology‘, you get $5 off per bag. Max 5 bags for each individual.

Spot Prawn inspiration

BC place prawns are normally sweet, fragile and so adaptable in many dishes. It is a single of my own favorite seafood to cook at residence.

Some dishes you can make with them:

  • Place Prawn Po Boy
  • Place Prawn Roll
  • Location Prawn Ceviche
  • Place Prawn Sushi

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